Demonstrating leadership

Most companies use big words and flowery language to impress. At Hydranautics, we offer concrete examples where our membrane products make a difference in cost efficiency, saving time and of course, improving water quality. Please take a moment to read real-life applications of our products. These case studies show how Hydranautics helped solve problems just like yours. Please do not forget, we are here to answer questions related to these case studies or anything else about our products.

Integrated HYDRAcap® MAX UF & CPA3-LD RO system provides process water for chemical plant
HYDRAcap® MAX system solves turbidity and bacteria removal issues at drinking water plant
Silicon wafer manufacturer recycles wastewater using HYDRAcap® MAX
HYDRAcap® MAX UF handles high turbidity feed water at high flux to provide pretreatment for CPA3 RO in a containerized integrated membrane system