Hydranautics Introduces new SWC4 - High Temperature, Boron Rejection SeaWater Composite membrane!

Oceanside, CA…Hydranautics, the global leader in membrane technology introduces the new SWC4 (seawater composite) high temperature, high boron rejection membranes to their full line of seawater desalination elements. The new SWC4 is designed to provide higher salt rejection at elevated seawater temperatures with increased boron rejection. Higher rejections make it ideal for use at RO/power hybrid plants because the SWC4 membranes provide suitable water quality at high temperatures thus eliminating the need for separate seawater intake systems. The SWC4 provides 5,200 gallons per day (gpd) at 99.8% nominal salt rejection.

The new SWC4 membrane element is available in both 4 and 8-inch diameters and 40-inch long configuration. SWC4 elements can be used as either a stand alone product or part of our Integrated Membrane Solution TM (IMS). Hydranautics' newest desalination product is offered with our new anti-telescoping device (ATD) to provide more active membrane area with improved face-to-face contact giving more uniform distribution of hydraulic loads. The distinctive ivory color spiral configuration lends itself to uniform water distribution across the face of the element.

Hydranautics' SWC4 joins our complete line of desalination membranes that are used worldwide and produce an installed capacity of over 264 MGD (1,000,000 m3/day) with unparalleled operational success. This experience, combined with the best membrane performance in the industry, demonstrates Hydranautics' position as the technology leader and as the preferred qualified supplier for seawater projects worldwide.

For more information about Hydranautics' new SWC4 membrane with the highest combination of productivity and rejection in the marketplace, please call at 1-800-CPA-PURE, or send an e-mail to info@hydranautics.com.