Hydranautics Introduces the new ESNA1-LF - for Optimal Salt Rejection and Hardness Removal!

Oceanside, CA…Hydranautics, the global leader in membrane technology, introduces the new ESNA1-LF low fouling nanofiltration membrane! The new ESNA1-LF provides salt rejection of 90% and controlled hardness removal, eliminating the need for hybrid membrane system designs. These low pressure membranes can significantly reduce operating costs by lowering power consumption, while providing a non-aggressive low TDS permeate water. The low fouling technology can also reduce the cost of chemicals and labor that are associated with more frequent membrane cleaning.

The new ESNA-LF membrane element is available in both 4 and 8-inch diameters, 40-inch long configurations. ESNA1-LF technology is ideal for softening applications, producing lower color and DBP (Disinfection By-Product) formation potential than standard lime softening processes. Due to the unique low fouling membrane technology, ESNA1-LF could be utilized as an independent system, or part of an Integrated Membrane Solution TM (IMS) design. Ideal for brackish feedwater sources for municipal potable applications, the ESNA1-LF by Hydranautics provides the most beneficial combination of low pressure, high salt rejection and hardness removal currently available in the market place.

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