Hydranautics' Low Fouling Membranes Selected for Bedok

Oceanside, CA…Hydranautics, the world's leader in membrane technology, is pleased to announce the award the Bedok (Phase II) High Grade Water Reclamation Plant using low fouling composite (LFC1) membranes. Bedok was awarded to Hyflux, a Singapore based OEM who in turn selected more than 2,000 of Hydranautics' LFC1 membrane elements for the reverse osmosis membrane treatment process.

The Bedok plant located on the island of Singapore, was designed to process secondary effluent wastewater into High Grade Water for high tech microelectronic manufacturing facilities. The reclaimed water will total 32,000 m3/d (8.5 MGD), adding to the original Bedok plant, installed in 1998, producing 10,000 m3/d of reclaimed water with Hydranautics' LFC1 membranes.

Hydranautics' state of the art low fouling composite membrane technology, LFC1, was chosen based on its superior proven performance in difficult waste water applications. The
treatment of wastewater using the most demanding high purity applications, such as microchip rinse processes, exhibits the wide range of applications where membrane technologies are used today.

Hydranautics is proud to be associated with Hyflux in providing advanced membrane application technology to support Singapore's resource conservation efforts with the reuse of a valuable water resource.

For more information about Hydranautics' low fouling composite membranes, please call at 1-800-CPA-PURE, or send an e-mail to info@hydranautics.com.