Hydranautics' Low Fouling Membranes selected for Kranji Project

Oceanside, CA…Hydranautics, the world's leader in membrane technology, is pleased to announce the award for the Kranji plant using Hydranautics' low fouling composite (LFC1) membrane technology. The Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore awarded the municipal wastewater reclamation project to Vivendi Water Systems, an OEM based in Singapore. Vivendi selected more than 2,500 of Hydranautics' LFC1 elements for the 40,000 m3/d (10.5 MGD) project.

Six hundred pieces of LFC1 membranes are being used on the 10,000 m3/d Bedok NEWater Factory pilot built by USFilter two years ago. "These membranes have met or are exceeding our expectations in both rejection, flow and cleaning interval," stated Dan Powell the Project Manager of Vivendi Water Systems for the Kranji High Grade Water Reclamation Plant. "Hydranautics provided the membranes on time, with a high level of support both locally and from the factory during commissioning. [Hydranautics] continued to provide excellent support long after the plant was turned over to the client." "Given this track record" said Powell, "it was an easy decision to select the Hydranautics LFC1 for the project."

The "NEWater" produced at Kranji will be supplied to wafer fabricators and high tech microelectronic manufacturers such as Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, the world's third largest foundry. Hydranautics is proud to work with Vivendi Water Systems and the PUB of Singpore in making valuable conservation efforts with the reuse of a valuable water resource.

For more information about Hydranautics' LFC1 (Low Fouling Composite) membranes, please call at 1-800-CPA-PURE, or send an e-mail to info@hydranautics.com.