Hydranautics introduces the new SWC3+ and SWC4+
High surface area seawater composite membranes!


Oceanside, CA…Hydranautics, the global leader in membrane technology introduces the new seawater composite SWC3+ and SWC4+ high surface membranes. With 400 square foot (37 square meters) of membrane surface area per element, Hydranautics’ new SWC membranes are designed and engineered to meet your desalination needs.

When operated at reduced flux rates, the new SWC3+ and SWC4+ offers higher productivity resulting in lower operating pressure and up to 5% energy savings. When operated under equivalent flux rates as our standard SWC4, the new high surface membranes provide approximately 8% cost savings from fewer pressure vessels, less piping and marginally lower operating pressures. When run at higher flux rates, the higher element efficiency allows customers to achieve greater capital savings while producing up to 15% better permeate quality.

The SWC3+ provides 7,000 GPD (gallons per day) and the SWC4+ provides 6,500 GPD, both at 99.8% nominal salt rejection and 99.7% minimum salt rejection. The new 400 square foot SWC3+ and SWC4+ membrane elements are available in 8-inch diameters and 40-inch long configuration. The SWC3+ and SWC4+ elements can be used as either a stand alone product or part of our Integrated Membrane Solution ® (IMS).

Hydranautics’ SWC3+ and SWC4+ joins our complete line of seawater desalination membranes that are used worldwide and produce an installed capacity of over 264 MGD (1,000,000 m3/day) of potable water from seawater. This experience, combined with excellent operational membrane performance demonstrates Hydranautics’ position as the technology leader and as the preferred qualified supplier for seawater projects worldwide.

For more information about Hydranautics’ new SWC3+ and SWC4+ membrane with the highest flow rate of any seawater membrane in the industry, please call at 1-800-CPA-PURE, visit us online at www.membranes.com or send an e-mail to info@hydranautics.com.