Mission Statement

Hydranautics' mission is to be the recognized world leader in the membrane separation industry through innovative technology. We will offer a spectrum of membrane products and services which achieve the highest quality in the industry. We will employ ethical principles in our business relationships and act as a good corporate citizen in our communities. We will fairly reward our employees according to their contributions, and provide a satisfying work environment.

Since its founding in 1963, Hydranautics has been committed to the highest standards of technology research, product excellence and customer satisfaction. Hydranautics entered the reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment field in 1970, and is now one of the most respected and experienced firms in the membrane separations industry. Hydranautics became part of the Nitto Group when it was acquired in 1987. Hydranautics corporate headquarters is located in the city of Oceanside, California in a 160,000 ft2 (14,684 m2) manufacturing facility residing on 14 acres, all owned by Hydranautics.

Hydranautics' continuing commitment to research and technology results in the ongoing development of a range of specialized membrane products. Hydranautics' products are currently in use on seven continents throughout the world for such diverse applications as potable water, boiler feedwater, industrial process water, wastewater treatment, surface water treatment, seawater desalination, electronic rinse water, agricultural irrigation and pharmaceuticals.

Comprehensive customer service and support are available virtually around the clock and around the world. Hydranautics' global business base is supported by a network of worldwide sales offices throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Hydranautics is the first membrane manufacturer to meet the highest quality standards with ISO 9001 Quality System Certification.

Both Hydranautics and Nitto take pride in setting industry standards for technical excellence and product quality, and welcomes the opportunity to respond to your most challenging water treatment requirements.


The Nitto Group is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of many high-tech products, all using Polymer Synthesis Technology. Nitto was established in 1918 and has consistently pioneered new products, integrating numerous leading-edge technologies with their long-standing corporate expertise in synthesizing high polymer materials.

Nitto is comprised of four major business divisions serving a broad range of markets including optical media, semiconductors, flexible circuits, electrical insulation, packaging, insulation, automobiles, and healthcare. Nitto's worldwide presence comprises of 114 manufacturing and sales companies worldwide. At Nitto the focus is on developing a leadership position in products and applications which create value for our customers in three strategic areas: Environment, Electronics and Energy.