How to keep your system in peak condition (TSB)

Explore our vast storehouse of Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) to learn how to maintain the performance of your system. You can find detailed procedures in TSBs on a wide range of technical topics – from element loading and assembly to testing and cleaning. Learn how to optimize system productivity and efficiency. As always, we are here to answer your questions.


Ultrafiltration (UF) / Microfiltration (MF)

TSB131 HYDRAcap® storage procedure
TSB132 HYDRAcap® module installation instructions and rack design
TSB133 Integrity testing for HYDRAcap® module
TSB134 HYDRAcap® bubble testing and fiber repair
TSB135 Backwash optimization for HYDRAcap® systems by qualitative analysis
TSB136 HYDRAcap® module assembly procedure
TSB139 Data logging, normalization and performance analysis for HYDRAcap® systems
TSB140 Procedure for cleaning HYDRAcap®
TSB141 Elimination of pressure flow surges in membrane systems
TSB142 Commissioning procedure for HYDRAcap®
TSB331 HYDRAcapTM MAX Storage Procedure
TSB332 HYDRAcapMAXTM Module Installation Instructions
TSB333 Integrity Testing for HYDRAcapTM MAX Modules and Elements
TSB334 Bubble Testing and Fiber Repair for HYDRAcapTM MAX Modules and Elements
TSB336 HYDRAcapMAXTM Module Assembly Procedure
TSB337 Re-wetting Procedure for HYDRAcapMAXTM Modules and Elements
TSB339 Data Logging, Normalization and Performance Analysis for HYDRAcapTM MAX Modules and Elements
TSB340 Procedure for Chemically Cleaning HYDRAcapTM MAX Modules and Elements
TSB341 Commissioning Procedure for HYDRAcapMAXTM Modules
TSB351 HYDRAcube Storage Procedure
TSB352 HYDRAcube Assembly Instructions
TSB356 HYDRAcube Disassembly Procedure
TSB358 HYDRAcube® Gen1 – Gen2 Comparison
TSB400 Startup and usage guidelines for HYDRAsub® -MBR
TSB401 Hydrophilic treatment procedure for HYDRAsub® -MBR
TSB402 Fiber repair for HYDRAsub® -MBR
TSB403 Analytical methods for monitoring membrane bio-reactor (MBR) operation
TSB404 Filterability test for sludge analysis
TSB405 Water profile (Permeability) test for HYDRAsub® -MBR membranes
TSB406 Sludge volume test (SV30)
TSB407 Process data logging and performance analysis for HYDRAsub® -MBR systems
TSB408 Analytical data logging and performance analysis for HYDRAsub® -MBR systems
TSB409 Oxygen uptake rate test for HYDRAsub® -MBR systems
TSB410 Integrity testing procedure for HYDRAsub® -MBR systems
TSB414 HYDRAsub® -MBR storage procedure