Journeys within Hydranautics

Read the authentic stories of our Employees as they share their journey with Hydranautics. Explore the passion, dedication, and unique experiences that define their connection with our dynamic workplace.

Ana Aburto


Production Operator, Process Separation – Rolling
25-year employee

Hydranautics is a company that seeks our best, and we give our best.  It is an organization that is a family environment where we respect and appreciate each other.

Nitto Hydranautics always puts safety first to prevent accidents and injuries.

The benefits are excellent, and the pay is good.  We trust our bosses and there is always support from them.

The organization has a clean environment to work in and we do our best each day to continue keeping it that way.   I work for our customers, so they are satisfied with the products they purchase.  Our most important reason to come to work, our customers.

Thank you, Nitto Hydranautics, I am a 25-year employee and feel very proud to be associated with a good company and feel proud to belong to a good organization.   Thank you for the opportunity to work here and you can always count on me.

I would recommend Nitto Hydranautics as the best company in the USA for employment.  I am greatly appreciative of Hydranautics.  If you choose to come and visit us at the company, we will welcome you with open arms and smiles.

I started my Nitto journey in 2015 back in Lakewood, New Jersey.  At a time when reliable employment was hard to come by in that area, Nitto provided me with consistent work, with plenty of overtime available, and competitive compensation in comparison to the job market in my area.

I learned about Nitto having a California location called “Nitto Hydranautics” through a fellow co-worker and began to do research on what it would take to relocate.  As a child I always dreamed of moving away from snowy New Jersey to sunny California and thought this could be my opportunity.

I was able to set up a visit and tour of Hydranautics in January of 2018.  After my tour I took the necessary steps to facilitate my transfer and became a Hydranautics employee by June of the same year.

Fast forward 6 years I was promoted to floor lead between two different departments and have carved my life out here in San Diego California, and I couldn’t have done it without Nitto. The company is consistent, people will take notice, and ambition is always rewarded with opportunity.

I will always be thankful for that day because it truly changed my life.

Lamar Gamble


Lead I Process Separation
6-year employee

Maria Dominguez


Production Operator, Membrane
12-year employee

As an employee, I always feel like I am taken care of because of their excellent health, life, and car insurance plans.  Many companies today offer these sorts of benefits, so I am grateful to work in a company that truly values employees beyond the workplace.

Working for Hydranautics is a unique experience, as most of the work happens in a lab-like setting. My work in the casting department, specifically, consists of an interesting process: chemicals get mixed in the mixing room and then they go through the first coating which is the poly machine and, finally, they go through the IFA.  When the papers are ready, I cut and test them to see if they pass or not pass.

The people are all amazing to work with.  My bosses, Andrew, and Joe, truly care about our department.  They ensure that everyone is doing a good job, yes, but they also ask how we are doing daily.  My coworkers, too, are great people to work with as they are knowledgeable, work hard and care about everyone.

Truly working at Hydranautics is extremely rewarding and fulfilling.