The Nitto Group’s Corporate Philosophy is comprised of three elements: our corporate Mission, the Vision which aligns our way of thinking in attaining our Mission, and the Nitto Way, which includes our Values, Attitudes and Mindset, and Code of Conduct.

Mission: Contribute to customers’ value creation with innovative ideas

We at Nitto Group hope to retain an attitude of relentlessly pursing products, systems, and ideas that customers would find valuable.

Our Mission is to deliver safety, prosperity, comfort, and affluence not only to customers whom we contact directly but also to every stakeholder.

Vision: Creating Wonders

In order to achieve our Mission, ‘Contribute to customers’ value creation with innovative ideas’ as one team, all Nitto employees around the world must hold the same vision, or outlook. We have set this vision as ‘Creating Wonders.’ Each and every employee will challenge themselves to wonder and inspire the world; in other words, we will endeavor to create wonders in our everyday work. Together, they will generate the power to change the world in many different domains.

The Nitto Way: Philosophical Ideas

In order to achieve our Mission, ‘Contribute to customers’ value creation with innovative ideas,’ and our Vision, ‘Creating Wonders,’ ‘The Nitto Way’ indicates the Values, Attitudes and Mindset, and Code of Conduct that every Nitto employee should follow. These principles and ideologies have shaped our 100 years of history and have been passed on from generation to generation.

We place safety before everything else

  • Achieve zero accidents and injuries.
  • All employees must work together to establish a safe and secure workplace.

Amaze and inspire our customers

  • Exceed customers’ expectations to have them say, “This is exactly what we wanted!”
  • Work with customers and create new societal values.
  • Customer satisfaction brings value to our stakeholders.

Anticipate and leverage change

  • Go to the field to sense changes in society and the market.
  • Rapidly link sensed changes to actions.
  • Refine our strengths, and aim to become the company customers want to consult with first

Take on challenges for new value creation

  • Continue to take on challenges, even if we fail in the short-term, rather than do nothing for fear of failure.
  • Embrace change, exercise curiosity and always take a bold step forward.

Act promptly and follow through on your decisions with determination

  • Take the first step forward and then think while advancing.
  • Share information openly, have equal and fair discussions, and if a decision is made, work together as a team to bring out the best possible result.
  • Always make efforts to ensure frank and open communication beyond organizational boundaries and roles.

Transform ourselves constantly

  • Anticipate challenges, implement reforms, and bring about growth in the spirit of Mu-Gen-Dai.
  • Keep changing. Change leads to opportunity and growth.
  • Challenge ourselves to improve our future. Changes in each of us lead to growth of the entire organization.

Have an attitude of integrity, and understand and respect diversity

  • Take actions based on integrity and modesty to build relationships of respect and trust with stakeholders.
  • Appreciate the diversity of our global team. Accept and respect others.


*About our brand slogan, “Innovation for Customers”

The Nitto Group is committed to innovating in a customer-oriented manner, and our brand slogan, “Innovation for Customers”, reflects this commitment.
Under this slogan, members of the Nitto Group strive to practice “The Nitto Way” in their daily actions and contribute to customers’ value creation with innovative ideas.