Mission Statement

Hydranautics’ mission is to be the recognized world leader in the membrane separation industry through innovative technology. We will offer a spectrum of membrane products and services which achieve the highest quality in the industry. We will employ ethical principles in our business relationships and act as a good corporate citizen in our communities. We will fairly reward our employees according to their contributions, and provide a satisfying work environment.


The Nitto Way

“The Nitto Way” describes the “values,” “attitude and mindset” and “code of conduct” that all employees of the Nitto Group must follow in order to achieve our “Mission” to “contribute to customers’ value creation with innovative ideas.”

The earnest aspirations, wisdom and values of those who came before us and supported the Nitto Group since its foundation have accumulated over the long period of our history to become “Nitto DNA” that has been inherited by each new generation. Laying this DNA out in statutory form, “The Nitto Way” serves as our criteria and an emotional mainstay.

Place safety before everything else

  • Achieve zero accidents and injuries
  • Establish a safe and healthy workplace for all employees

Amaze and inspire our customers

  • Have customers say, “This is exactly what we wanted”
  • Work with customers to create new values for society
  • Start with customer satisfaction and translate that into prosperity for all stakeholders

Anticipate and leverage change

  • Stay at the frontlines where we can sense changes in society and the market
  • Rapidly link sensed changes to actions
  • Refine our strengths, and aim to become the company customers want to consult with first

Take on challenges for new value creation

  • Continue to take on challenges, even if we fail in the short-term, rather than do nothing for fear of failure
  • Embrace change, exercise curiosity and always take a bold step forward

Act promptly, and once a decision has been made, be determined to carry it through to completion

  • Take the first step forward and then think while advancing
  • Share information openly, have equal and fair discussions, and if a decision is made, work together as a team to bring out the best possible result
  • Make a daily effort to ensure frank and open communication beyond organizational boundaries and hierarchies

Transform ourselves constantly

  • Anticipate challenges, implement reforms, and bring about growth in the spirit of Mu-Gen-Dai
  • Keep on changing ourselves, seeing ongoing change as a starting point for growth
  • Continue to challenge ourselves and the future, with the conviction that changes in individuals lead to growth of the entire organization

Have an attitude of integrity; understand and respect diversity

  • Take integrity as a starting point for action, and strive to build relationships of “respect and trust” with stakeholders
  • Recognize the diversity of our global team, and accept and respect others