The Best Fit Membrane Match-Maker!

Different industries have different needs. However, all industries have one thing in common. That is, to be able to efficiently run its processes and applications with minimized cost overheads and maximized desired output. Selecting the right type of membrane products is the first step towards achieving energy, cost and process efficiency.

Isn’t it convenient to locate at one place, comparable membrane models from other manufacturers alongside Hydranautics membranes, and finding out which Hydranautics membranes closely match your requirements?

That’s what we call – comparing and choosing right with our Cross-Reference Tool.

This innovative tool plays the role of a perfect match-maker in a simple & easy-to-use interface. To use this tool, you need to select the competitor brand, the required membrane diameter and the model number. The tool then guides you with the recommended Hydranautics membrane model(s) and its specification sheet suiting your requirements. Alternatively, you can go to the membrane family webpage on clicking the specific Hydranautics product model.

Please note that this tool may not be an exact one-for-one match, but surely does offer you a membrane selection closest to your requirements.

Explore to experience this tool innovation.

Note: The tool is only for standard RO and NF products. For any queries pertaining to Process Separations and UF products, kindly reach out to us at

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