Excellent concentration and de-mineralization

DairyNF™ Series

Hydranautics’ membrane technology experience and innovation are at the core of every DairyNF™ series membrane. Specifically designed for the separation of divalent anions and/or organic molecules greater than 200 Daltons from monovalent salts and lower molecular weight organics, DairyNF™ membranes deliver exceptional performance and value.

Superior membrane technology is the key to Hydranautics’ innovative DairyNF™ (Process Nanofiltration) elements. All DairyNF™ membranes are manufactured using highly controlled, ISO 9001-compliant processes, ensuring the highest quality and most consistent, reliable performance available. Hydranautics has set a new industry-standard for the rolling of full-fit membrane modules: Hand-rolling of elements has been eliminated by the use of proprietary, robot-based automatic rolling machines, specifically designed by Hydranautics for fabricating membrane modules of the highest quality. The result is a higher level of filtration and separations performance for our customers.

DairyNF applications

  • Whey and milk concentration
  • De-salting (de-mineralization) of whey and other streams
  • DP1/DP2 sugar fractionation
  • Recovery of hydrolyzed proteins and enzymes

ModelDiameter, inchesLength, inchesFeed spacer, inches
DairyNF 3838-303.78380.030
DairyNF 3838-463.78380.046
DairyNF 3840-303.7838.750.030
DairyNF 3840-463.7838.750.046
DairyNF 8038-307.90380.030
DairyNF 8038-467.90380.046
DairyNF 8040-307.90400.030
DairyNF 8040-467.90400.046

For element specification sheet of DairyNF elements, please click here.