Making Water Reclamation, Recycling & Reuse… A Reality

One of the most significant challenges of the 21st century is water security. Industries today, face tough challenges when it comes to the water used in the facility – namely, water scarcity and the ever-increasing regulatory requirements associated with discharging effluent. At the same time, there is a move toward sustainability and “greener” approaches to the treatment of highly contaminated waters by effluent from water-intensive processes.

The PRO series from Hydranautics comprises elements that offer effective, integrated, site-specific ZLD / MLD solutions that are cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable. The PRO series elements are specifically designed to help companies to achieve their MLD and ZLD commitment, while using the right combination of technologies to treat a range of industrial wastewater streams.

The PRO series is a result of in-depth research and significant improvement in technologies which have provided great advances, e.g., enhanced rejection efficiencies, improved permeability, chemical tolerance and ion electivity, enhanced hydrophilicity, and improved mechanical properties and thermal stabilities.

High Rejection Reverse Osmosis Membranes

PRO-XR supplies the best combination of high rejection and high flow capability at low pressures, compared to all commercial low-pressure type RO elements. PRO-XR membranes are useful in industries where high-purity water is critical like power generation, electronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food & beverage.

Product Name Size Download
PRO-XR1 8″ diameter & 40″ length

Low Fouling, High Pressure Reverse Osmosis Membranes

PRO-LF are spiral wound RO membranes which are neutrally charged and have a hydrophilic coating to minimize fouling while treating high salinity wastewaters. The resistance to fouling exhibited by PRO-LF membranes is an important feature in the treatment of industrial wastewaters from coal to chemical plants, mines, tanneries and textile factories.

Product Name Size Download
PRO-LF1 8″ diameter & 40″ length

Extra Ion Selectivity Nanofiltration Membranes

PRO-XS are charged nanofiltration membranes with high ion selectivity which provide high rejection of bivalent cations and anions to selectively remove and concentrate the ions to produce industrial grade chemicals like Glauber’s salt, hardness free NaCl, Na2CO3 etc.

The ability to separate salts in the brine helps to reduce the amount of mixed salt wastes going to landfill and the purified salts produced, can be recycled or sold at a profit. PRO-XS membranes are useful in industries where salt separation is critical like chlor alkali, textiles, electroplating and dye.

Product Name Size Download
PRO-XS1 8″ diameter & 40″ length
PRO-XS2 8″ diameter & 40″ length
PRO-XS3 8″ diameter & 40″ length

Ultra High-Pressure Reverse Osmosis Membranes

PRO-XP are ultra high-pressure RO membranes which can can treat high TDS feed water and concentrate it up to 120,000 ppm (12%) while operating at pressures up to 1,800 psi (12.4 MPa). In a ZLD system, the PRO-XP is applied upstream of evaporators, to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of downstream thermal equipments.

PRO-XP increases the overall efficiency of the treatment facility by reducing the cost of brine concentration and maximizing water recovery. PRO-XP membranes are useful in coal to chemicals, mining, power plants, textles and tanneries. The PRO-XP elements are currently in the final stage of their development and will be launched soon.

Product Name Size Download
PRO-XP1 8″ diameter & 40″ length

High Temperature Reverse Osmosis Membranes

PRO-XT are high-temperature RO membranes which are considered a breakthrough in membrane operating parameters. Treatment of water and wastewater at high temperatures is now a possibility with PRO-XT membranes.

PRO-XT membranes are useful in industries where stable operation at high temperatures is imperative like laundry wastewater reclamation, mining wastewater, produced water in oil & gas industry, etc.

Product Name Size Download
PRO-XT2 8″ diameter & 40″ length

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