HYDRACoRe® series elements for color adjustments and removal

Hydranautics HYDRACoRe® (Hydranautics Color Removal) membranes are sulfonated polyethersulfone-based spiral-wound, crossflow elements that can be used for potable water as well as industrial applications in which color reduction with minimal removal of dissolved salts is desired. The key advantage of the HYDRACoRe® technology is the membranes’ superior chlorine-tolerance (up to 100 ppm chlorine during short term cleansing)

These are high flow 720 Dalton MWCO TFC membranes used for color removal as well as acid and caustic reclamation applications due the membranes ability to reject fats, proteins, oil, color and other macromolecular species.

Model Size Download
HYDRACoRe70pHT 4040-46 4″ diameter & 40″ length
HYDRACoRe70pHT 8040-46 8″ diameter & 40″ length

For element specification sheets of HYDRACoRe70pHT elements, please click here