Hydranautics offers submerged modules with PVDF hollow fiber for MBR applications. Compared to conventional activated sludge treatment, MBR and particularly HYDRAsub® produces high-quality permeate water suitable for RO treatment. This drastically reduces the footprint by the elimination of sedimentation tank and operation at higher MLSS.

Two types of technologies are available:

  • HYDRAsub® technology uses a microfiltration fiber with a pore size of 0.4 µm. Modules size proposed are ranging from 15 to 1500 m2
  • HYDRAsub®MAX technology uses an ultrafiltration fiber with a pore size of 0.05 µm. Modules size proposed are ranging from 40 to 2400 m2

The key features of the product are a high flux operation, a low footprint requirement, a very simple process and a very robust material for an extended life time.

Hydranautics has designed and patented a unique diffuser system incorporated within the stainless steel cage for optimized aeration. These two technologies are suitable for municipal and industrial wastewater applications (chemical, textile, food and beverage or palm oil applications among many others).